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Early Consignments  Start Time 9:00 am   

Call Lyle to consign or for info on current consignments! 406-366-2303!        Thanks for your business!


Nov 13th Bred Cow Special Only NO FEEDERS

“Dispersion of Mature Cow Herd”

400-500 Blk Angus Cows Bangs Vacc herd, Feb 20th Start Connelly Angus in herd , Birdtail & Flesh Year around salt & Mineral

(80-3’s, 200-4’s, 200-5 yrs & older)

50 Bred Blk/Bwf Hfrs 1100# March 1st 45 days, Bangs Vacc. Shots, Poured

100 Bred Blk Hfrs AI & Bull Bred (AI Feb25th) Bulls Mid March to Mid April

21 Blk Hfrs Bred Blk Arntzen Bulls Feb 10th Calving

50Red Hfrs Bred Red Midland bulls/Feb 20th Calving 1100#Bangs Vacc Spring Shots

21 Blk Bred Hfrs Bred Blk Arntzen Bulls Feb 10th Calvers

30 Blk Balancer Hfrs Bred  CE Blk Bull March 1st Calving

45 Blk Bred Hfrs McDonald Efficiency Hfr Bulls March 15th-26th Calving

45 Blk Hfrs Bred Blk Feb 15th-Mar 4th

20 Blk Bred Blk (2-3 Yr Olds) Bangs Vacc 1100# Mid May Calvers Ultra Sounded Vaccinated

120 Blk Running age Cows Bred Blk March 15th– April Vacc/Poured

70 Young Cows a few older Mid March to Mid April Calving Arntzen Bulls

80 Blk Cows 2-8yrs old Few older one Iron  Early Feb Calving  Bred Blk

10 (2-3yrs old) Blk Bred Blk May Calvers Bangs Vacc 100-1100# Vaccinated Ultra Sounded

19 Short Term Blk/Red Gelbvieh Cows Bred Blk Absolute Bull Feb 6th Calving Preg Guard & Poured

80 Blk Blk Running age Cows March 10– April 15th on 45 Cows  rest April –May calvers

50 Blk /Bwf  Cows Bred Blk & Hereford  March 1st to May 1st Calving

20 Short Term Cows Blk/Bwf Bred Blk March 1st Calving

24 Blk Bred Cows (3-7yrs) March 1st Calving

30 Short Term Blk Cows Bred Blk End of March Calving Vacc and Poured

Nov 20th All Class Cattle Sale

35 S/C Blk/Bwf  650# Precon 2 Poured All Natural

100 M/c Mixed 500# Precon 2 All Natural

Nov 27th All Class Cattle Sale

20M/C Blk Precon 2 /Poured 400-500# Weaned 3 Wks All Natural

Dec 4th All Class Cattle Sale

Dec 11th Bred Cow Special

60 Blk Cows 7-9yr olds solid mouth bred blk

Dec 18th All Class Cattle Sale Final Sale of 2018


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